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Wouters,  experiencing flooring style at all levels, innovative | authentic | modern | chic | timeless design.  

The most durable floors | Wouters cork floors Eindhoven. Cork floors 100% natural material in many unique designs. A showroom full of cork inspiration in Eindhoven .

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Color artists | give your parquet floor a color that is unique in your space to distinguish yourself, to give a personal touch to the basis of your home. Sanding and treating wooden floors in Eindhoven in your color, Wouters floors Eindhoven | make your wooden floor look like new again. This way you deal sustainably with your existing wooden floors, sustainable floors in Eindhoven, wear-resistant and indestructible floors.

Just as our floors do something to you, they also do something to a space. Your floor is the carrier of atmosphere and warmth in your home or business premises.

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Apartment floors in Eindhoven, Wooden floors, Parquet floors, Cork floors, PVC floors with certificate, unique and exclusive Wooden floors, cork floors and PVC floors for every floor of our city! 

Wouters floors in Eindhoven | an exclusive flooring collection

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The values ​​of Wouters craftsmanship tradition, a flooring collection that is unique from artisanal wood, parquet and cork floors, generations of natural genius.  

 Innovative through sustainability, Wouters cork floors Eindhoven, unique sustainable floors, your most sustainable flooring partner in Eindhoven!

Di Legno parquet floors Eindhoven | Wouters floors is a proudly selected partner in Eindhoven and surrounding areas!

Di Legno wooden floors | parquet floors distinguish themselves from other wooden parquet floors due to their natural, lived-in appearance. In colors that you only find in nature. With an authentic natural patina that is unique. Di Legno floors have a certain strength. They distinguish themselves from other parquet floors, they are unique and exclusive because of their experience. With a Di Legno parquet floor, something happens. The wooden floors have a warm softness but at the same time a powerful character and a lived-in appearance, everything that can only be added to oak by the brutal nature. Inspired and created by nature | natural processes. we get the best from nature for your floor. So that your parquet floor also brings out the best in your interior.  

Wouters , admire Di Legno floors Eindhoven in our floors showroom in Eindhoven

Sustainable floors Eindhoven for a lifetime!

Be amazed by authentic weathered wooden floors | parquet floors. We are happy to transfer our passion to you.

Parquet floors | Wooden floors | Multiplank floors | laminate floors Eindhoven | Veldhoven,   Wouters floors your partner

Wouters wooden floors | parquet floors Eindhoven create unique atmospheres in your home. Through combinations of oak solid wood floors, multi-plank floors, laminated floors, traditional oak parquet floors, herringbone floors, Hungarian point floors presented with other flooring materials, in a spacious unique collection. Wouters floors Eindhoven.

Wooden floors | Sanding parquet floors,   Wouters floors Eindhoven your partner

Sanding your existing wooden floors | Our team will give parquet floors a new look, with a completely different color if desired. Determine colors at your location so that the right choice is always made. Give the most beautiful color to the base of your home. We work with unique color coatings. Sanding wooden floor |   by  Wouters floors Eindhoven

We can also fully furnish floors for your home, apartment or business, including special wallpaper types. Through this collaboration with skilled wallpaperers, painters, underfloor heating specialists and interior architects, including Monique Deen, we offer a total concept if desired. All this makes it possible to develop styles in all facets from modern, rural to chic in consultation with the customer in a total concept. Wouters floors Eindhoven your specialist   . 

Wouters floors |  Repairing fire or water damage to floors | Wouters floor damage repair Eindhoven

Damage to floors? Wouters floors always has a solution for you, we can often do partial repairs, if this is not possible we can repair the damage to your floor, after which we sand the entire wooden floor or parquet floor and no difference will be visible anymore.

Thanks to years of experience, Wouters Floors is your partner for damage to your parquet floor, wooden floor, cork floor or PVC floor. We are contacted by many insurance companies throughout the country and are seen as a reliable partner for expertise in water/fire damage to floors. Wouters floors Eindhoven .

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A Showroom full of inspiration | different floor | wall and stair concepts | may we capture your imagination.

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