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Wouters parquet floors | wooden floors Eindhoven your partner in supplying, laying, sanding and realizing all types of floors, motifs and colors of wooden floors | parquet floors, we think along with you in creativity, innovation,  timeless designs to bring your dream floor into reality in your home | apartment | shop or office.

Wouters, parquet floors, PVC floors and Cork floors Eindhoven your partner, realized parquet floors, cork floors and PVC floors in Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Nuenen, Geldrop, Helmond region, Mierlo, Steensel, Eersel, Aalst, Waalre, Valkenswaard, Wintelre, Best, Boxtel, Oostelbeers, Middelbeers, Reusel, Bladel, Hilvarenbeek, Diessen, Esbeek, Biest-houtakker, Duizel, Oirschot, Waalwijk, Vught, Roermond, Maastricht, Weert, the entire Kempen and Brabant, but also the Amsterdam region, Utrecht, The Hague, Den Bosch , Tilburg, Breda.
Wouters floors | Thanks to our years of experience and contacts, we supply and install wooden floors, parquet floors, cork floors and PVC floors throughout Europe, Belgium, Spain and have already completed a beautiful project in Switzerland. Wouters, your flooring partner in Eindhoven.

An extensive exclusive collection of the most diverse wooden floors and traditional artisanal parquet floors. All types of wood, motifs, patterns and colors that you wish are carefully tailor-made for you.  

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Wouters floors line Eindhoven | The parquet floors are selected from the best raw materials, from sustainably managed forests wooden floors tailor-made especially for you with various variations on your personal theme, rural, modern to chic. 


Wouters wooden floors | parquet floors Eindhoven produce a personality for every individual. Our wooden floors | parquet floors are for customers who have an eye for detail, who love quality, and who choose a wooden floor with great care | Parquet floor. 

Wouters floors experience, beautiful wood in your home.

Experience, materials and creativity.

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Cork floors | the most durable floors 100% natural material

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Our flooring showroom in Eindhoven.

A selection from one of Wouters floors exclusive collections, weathered aged Parquet floors | wooden floors in Eindhoven.

Wouters Di legno floors Eindhoven, parquet floors | wooden floors

Tropical types of wood from  Wouters floors Eindhoven including  Afzelia | Merbeau | Kambala | Afromosia | Teak | Wenge | Panga panga | Beech | Maple Maple | Basralocus | Mutenye and Walnut wood floors.


PVC floors Eindhoven | Wouters  floors Eindhoven  partner in milling underfloor heating | cooperation with underfloor heating companies 

Wouters PVC floors Eindhoven has an exclusive and very extensive collection of PVC floors in both wood motif and PVC floors in strips, PVC herringbone floors, PVC Hungarian point floors, PVC floors in tile look, PVC floors in cast floor look, available in various sizes and almost all colors , can be admired in our flooring studio in Eindhoven. We also have a very nice collection of laminate floors, available in various sizes and patterns, Wouters Laminate floors Eindhoven.

Underfloor heating milled into your floor and then the most beautiful herringbone PVC floor laid, at Wouters floors you have everything in 1  Wouters PVC floors Eindhoven your partner for all your PVC floors and underfloor heating.


Wouters PVC floors Eindhoven supply and install PVC floors in glue version | dry back as well as PVC floors in a click system with, if desired, a 10 DB certificate for the subfloors so that you get the quietest floors with the least walking noise.


Wouters floors Eindhoven your PVC floors showroom

Wouters floors Eindhoven Partner of various brands including | Wouters Home Line WV, Viva Floors, Therdex, Douwes Dekker, Greenflor, M flor, Moduleo, Moods, Sense and Floorify PVC floors, thanks to our years of experience and contacts we can supply any brand of PVC floor to you! Wouters floors Eindhoven your partner for every PVC floor. Thanks to our years of experience, we have many contacts partners and can supply any brand upon request.

Wouters PVC floors Eindhoven, a unique collection of PVC floors, a PVC floors showroom full of inspiration.

Wouters also for your custom interior | radiator conversion, fitted wardrobes | tables and more

Cork floors | Wouters Cork floors Eindhoven,   the most sustainable floors 100% natural material! Cork floors, unique collection at Wouters floors

You should definitely see the Wouters cork floors collection in Eindhoven, the cork floors are available in many designs in tile motif | wood motif and traditional cork floors. The cork floors have unique tactile grains and structure, a pleasure to walk on, a 100% natural sustainable experience. 

Cork floors are the most durable floors, robust, resident, high-performance and easy to maintain. 100% natural material, natural thermal insulation, warm, comfortable and also very suitable for underfloor heating.

Sanding Parquet Floors | Wooden floors | Restorations | Stairs renovation | Wouters floors Eindhoven

For sanding your existing wooden floors | parquet floors in Eindhoven | Veldhoven, Wouters wooden barn floors Eindhoven also has a wide range of new impressions, we think along with you in solutions,creation and color advice for your sanded wooden floor | parquet floor so that you always make the right choice so that you can enjoy your new wooden floor for years to come parquet floor. With, if desired, a completely different color and appearance. We can partially repair your floor in the event of damage, but we can also indent a completely new floor in your extension, supply new wood to size, after which we will sand and color the entire floor, so that you have a new floor again. Sand and treat stairs in the same color as your floor, we make floors and stairs look like new again! We think in solutions, we are Wouters . 


Wouters floors | elegance and modernity, because your floor is the carrier of atmosphere and warmth in your home.


Remediation and renovation of PVC floors and veneer wood | Wouters floors Eindhoven

We renovate PVC floors that have been in place for some time and are starting to show some signs of wear and tear and provide them with a new coating so that your floor is as good as new again. We can also apply this to veneer wood with our unique coating layers, we make existing floors look like new again.


 Maintenance of Wooden Floors | Parquet floors | maintenance contract | Wouters floors Eindhoven

Maintenance of your wooden floors | parquet floors is of great importance for the lifespan of your existing parquet floor. Wouters Floors has its own line of maintenance products in their range with which you can keep your floor in optimal condition. Outsource maintenance? That is certainly possible, your floor is our concern. Various types of maintenance contracts for every budget can be concluded with us so that we maintain the maintenance of your parquet floor, guaranteeing the quality and lifespan of your wooden floor.


24/7 Concept Showroom for your  Wooden floors | Parquet floors | Cork floors | PVC floors | Laminate floors in Eindhoven 

Coal ceramics | Natural stone is known for its 24/7 accessibility, which is used by many architects from all over the country. This formula allows you to visit the Wouters floors showroom in Eindhoven at any time of the day to view the extensive collection of wooden floors | parquet floors | PVC floors | Laminate and cork floors on display. We take all the time for you and are therefore only open by appointment to facilitate and realize every detail of your new floor. With this new concept participation, Wouters floors in Eindhoven distinguishes itself from other Parquet and PVC floors companies in the region. 

Wouters your partner in flooring for more than 50 years

Richard Wouters has more than 30 years of experience in supplying, laying and sanding wooden floors, parquet floors and in supplying and laying cork floors and PVC floors. The craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation. Alex Wouters, director of Wouters parquet floors in Veldhoven, has ended his career after more than 50 years of craftsmanship.

Showroom visit by appointment | 24/7

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